Wiki Reflection 2

There wasn’t much to say about Wikis in relation to my personally curated wiki on Wikis As Social Notebooks, so I found pages to work on elsewhere. I had some strong feelings about wiki writing, so I extended the ideas from Wikis by editing the WhatMakesWikiWritingSoEasy and WhatMakesWikiWritingSoHard pages. Interesting side note: I found myself reverting somehow to the hive mind concept at almost every turn. It’s a pervasive characteristic of all wiki problems and solutions.

I edited WhatMakesWikiWritingSoEasy multiple times throughout the week, adding information on collective intelligence, the logical, structured nature of wiki writing, and I included a category called “No Limits.” I was surprised this category wasn’t already included. It’s the number one reason, I believe, why wiki writing is easy. No rules or restrictions, just ideas and endless pecking at a keyboard.

When I was done with WhatMakesWikiWritingSoEasy, I thought I’d say a thing or two about the opposite, WhatMakesWikiWritingSoHard. In terms of technicality and usability, I commented on how wikis rely on a steadfast group of users, especially on smaller wikis, to continually update ever-changing information. Also I commented on how confusion can erupt from this same hive mind. I also added blurbs on banning troublesome users and writing formally/informally.


What do you think?

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